Top 10 Judge Dredd Stories

Top 10 Judge Dredd StoriesOne of the best and biggest British exports to the world has been the weekly sci-fi comic 2000AD. To celebrate its 40th birthday later this month, I look at the best stories featuring its star, Judge Dredd. Set mostly after the Atomic Wars of 2070, the population of the USA is contained within … [continue reading]

Our favorite scream of the silver screen

Our favorite scream of the silver screenMaking its first appearance in the Star Wars saga in 1977, the so-called 'Wilhelm scream' has become a familiar sound effect in modern movies. Frequently used in situations where someone falls from a great height, or is shot or possibly even blown up, its unique shriek usually reflects the unpleasant … [continue reading]

How to haggle in Hong Kong

How to haggle in Hong KongOften referred to as ‘an exercise in controlled chaos', Hong Kong is a diverse and densely populated city that seems to defy convention. The city centre is packed with people, day and night, while cars and trams tentatively navigate through the heaving crowds. An infinite number of neon signs flash … [continue reading]

Starlog magazine saved my life

Starlog magazine saved my lifeMy childhood was spent growing up in a quaint, country town on the south coast of England. By far the most important – and the most exciting – event in my 13-year-old life was being paid every month for my weekly paper-round. Not because I enjoyed receiving the veritable fortune of £35 … [continue reading]

Absurdity at the Oman border

Absurdity at the Oman border This was my first time crossing the border from the United Arab Emirates into neighbouring Oman. The border control itself is like a small shanty town of sorts. There are three run-down, dilapidated huts made from rusty corrugated iron sheets. You enter the first one and it's hot, dusty and … [continue reading]

2000AD, the sci-fi universe you’ve never heard of

During the 70s, comic book characters in the US were still relatively light and fluffy. Wholesome heroes like Superman and Batman would triumph over evil, […]

Alien War at the Trocadero in London

The year 1986 was memorable for many reasons; the Chernobyl nuclear reactor explodes, Argentina wins the World Cup in Mexico and Madonna released her album […]

I ran 400m of the London Marathon

Every year, the London Marathon attracts more participants. A record number of 253,930 people entered the ballot for the 2017 race with a total of […]

Top 10 Judge Dredd Stories

One of the best and biggest British exports to the world has been the weekly sci-fi comic 2000AD. To celebrate its 40th birthday later this […]

Fans of the Big Mac rejoice

To celebrate its new Grand Mac and Mac Jr sizes, for one day only, McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 bottles of its Big Mac Special […]

My magnum opus on Magnum, P.I.

From 1980 to 1988, the exploits of Hawaii-based private investigator Thomas Magnum enthralled audiences across the world. A strapping, six-foot, moustached muff magnet, he lived the dream lifestyle […]

New York’s links to the epic Apollo story

Without a doubt, mankind’s finest moment began on May 25, 1961, shortly after Alan Shepard’s historic flight, when President John F Kennedy told Congress, “This nation […]

Not suffering April Fool’s gladly

These days, April 2nd regrets are almost as common as the pranks themselves. They come from police forces (in 2013, a Dutch officer’s tweeted joke […]

Who spams the spammers?

Stories about engaging spammers in witty banter have been popping up once again, possibly sparked off by the release last year of a book called Dot […]