That list, from the other perspective

Following what sounded like a very pleasant holiday to the UK, an American gentleman by the name of Scott Waters put a list together of 100 differences he noticed in rural England. To everyone’s surprise the list went viral and has been shared over 50,000 times, sparking an international conversation about the differences between two countries.

I sincerely doubt my list will go viral or have stories written about it in Metro or Mashable, but I’ve endeavoured to do the same and have compiled an equivalent list of the differences in New York City, as I originally come from the same quaint countryside Mr Waters was talking about.

His list is pasted here…


…and mine is here…

 People are mostly polite
 The quality of food varies drastically depending on where you go
 Guns are on the belt of every single police officer, traffic cop and security guard you’ll see
 The ground floor is counted as the first floor
 Tower blocks don’t have a 13th floor, it usually just skips from 12 to 14
 Sitting at the bar, drinking on your own is not considered odd
 No one has any clue what box junctions are, even though they’re painted on the roads
 Everything is more expensive than the price tag says, because the figure doesn’t include tax
 You’d better like cheese, they put it on almost everything
 The paper money is straightforward, but the coins have names that don’t refer to their value
 It’s extremely rare for apartments to have their own washing machines
 Rented apartments have wall switches for certain plug points, not ceiling lights
 Fag is an offensive word for gays
 It’s not deliberate rudeness, but no one even thinks to hold a door open for anyone behind them
 Everything is bigger, taller and generally more impressive
 In New York, supermarkets only sell beer; for wine and spirits you need to go to a separate shop
 They call tomato ketchup “catsup”
 They fry everything
 It’s really hard to find normal-tasting butter as everything is made with “sweet cream”
• Americans pronounce the name of the English supermarket “Sains-berries”
 The favourite food is pizza and they’ll use virtually anything as a topping
 Coriander is “cilantro” and spring onions are “green onions”
 A red pepper is a “capsicum” and a courgette is a “zucchini”
 Every New York police officer looks at you like you’re a potential terrorist
 You rarely see a female police officer
 NYPD officers aren’t exactly rude, but they’re abrupt, discourteous and often unhelpful
 Spanish is spoken almost as much as English
 “Light” beer is drunk just as much as normal beer
 Beer is “lager” and no one knows what bitter is
 You’re expected to tip for everything
 Corner shops are called “bodegas” [pro: bo-day-ga]
 $1 coins and $2 bills actually exist, but you’ll never, ever see one in circulation
 American football is “football” and football is “soccer”
 Despite having a team in the 2015 Rugby World Cup, the game only turned professional in 2016
 They have three national sports, not just seasonal ones
 In America, a hooker is someone with a very different profession to that of a rugby player
 They have counties and states and the laws can vary significantly from state to state
 Thanksgiving is bigger than Christmas
 People say “how are you” as a greeting and don’t expect an answer
 There are too many channels on TV to even count
 The New York Times is the closest thing to a national broadsheet
 The sky here seems so much bigger somehow
 Anyone over 6ft tall will find a New York yellow taxi cab extremely uncomfortable
 Making sure beer is cold is as important as breathing air
 Every shop door opens outwards, into the sidewalk and the pedestrians who happen to be walking along it
 There are fire stations everywhere in Manhattan
 Every American thinks we love Harry Potter and Dr Who as much as they do
 It’s difficult to get a cup of builder’s tea; it has to be either earl grey, English breakfast or green tea
 A grill inside an oven is a “broiler”
 Their curries are more like the ones you get in India, not the English versions, so no one knows what a balti is
 They write the day and the month the wrong way around
 Regardless of your age (I’m in my 40s) you get asked for ID upon entering bars
 Any period longer than about a week when no one gets shot in New York makes national news
 Cars with manual transmission are just something other countries have
 Their banknotes are all the same size and colour, regardless of denomination
 Americans can’t tell the difference between English and Australian accents
 The New York Subway is quite different to the London Underground and takes a little getting used to
 It’s still cheaper to buy stuff here from a shop than it is at the duty free in Heathrow Airport
 After watching the adverts on TV for an hour, you’ll be convinced you’re dying of a disease you’d never heard of
 New York has more interesting history that most of the inhabitants know about
 America tends to gloss over one or two less-than-perfect chapters of its history
 New Yorkers dress however they want; Londoners especially, are far more concerned with fashion
 Going to see a doctor or a dentist can be really expensive
 No one knows what the overtaking lane is for on the freeways
 A highway is a busy, wide road – a freeway is a motorway
 Cars are under no obligation to stop for pedestrians at ‘zebra’ crossings
 Their tabloids aren’t as merciless as ours
 A large percentage of Americans have never left America
 You’d be forgiven if you thought the hot dog was the national dish
 Everyone seems to have an over-inflated job title
 Take the number of bars and restaurants that you think are in New York and multiply it by 100
 Most bars stay open to at least 2am, even if there’s only one person in it
Not every UK electronic device will work out in the US
 You can have anything delivered to your door, for a price
 A tap is called a “faucet”
 It’s not uncommon to see passengers sitting with their pets on domestic flights
 Americans can fly within the USA with any photo ID; a passport is not required
 Virtually every hotel in the US offers free Wi-Fi as standard
 Cellphone numbers in the US have the same configuration as landline numbers and they have area codes
 Pizza is often called “pie”
 Americans pronounce it arse-some, the English pronounced it oar-some
 In most bars, the barman will make sure you have a topped-up glass of water the whole time you’re there
 Americans don’t know what a Buck’s Fizz is, they call it a “mimosa” and put less champagne in it
 Your last name is never referred to as your surname
 An American pint is about 20% smaller than an English pint
 You can buy cigarettes in a chemists, which they call a “pharmacy”
 Americans haven’t embraced rail travel and their cross country network is seriously in need of an update
 Most railway crossings in the US don’t have barriers and people often get killed by oncoming trains
 It’s not unheard of to take your pet to work with you
 In the UK, “We must meet up” usually results in a meeting. In the US, “We must meet up” means nothing at all
 The Tube is the “Subway” and a subway is an “underpass” but in both countries it can also be a sandwich shop
 The word “herbs” is pronounced with a silent “h” but it’s emphasized in “vehicle” [pro: vee-hickle]
 In American, “junk” is slang for the same thing that “tackle” and “crown jewels” are slang for in England
 A car boot is the “trunk” and the bonnet is the “hood”
Man hole covers sometimes catch fire and explode when the snow melts in New York
Halloween is a really big deal
A degree is known as a college degree even though you get it from university
Almost anyone can legally buy a gun
 Everything is indeed just a little bit different